Our presence is global

Nava Forwarding is present in four of the five continents.
187 offices around the world.

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oficina de nava-forwarding, logistica españa
oficina de nava-forwarding, logistica españa

Committed to logistics

The secret is to be close

At Nava Forwarding we work every day to bring logistics closer to people. Our mission is to establish the best solution for any export or import process. Our greatest satisfaction is to always have customers who are happy with our work.

We have a cohesive, multidisciplinary team with extensive know-how on how the global supply chain works. We are also aware of the particularities of working with certain markets, such as Asia, so all our professionals have extensive experience of the dynamics and characteristics of this region.

A perfect gear in which the important thing is to add up and achieve great results. Always with you, always close to you.

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A committed and cohesive team

The highest of self-demands to carry out any kind of work from start to finish. We are at the side of people, who form teams, and that is our greatest goal. Our expectations are high and we continue to meet them.

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oficina de nava-forwarding, logistica españa oficina de nava-forwarding, logistica españa

Highest specialisation

Next to the industrial sectors

At Nava Forwarding we work with all types of industrial sectors that have an exporting vocation, that need to import or that require competitive and professional logistics.


We work side by side with any company in the textile or retail industry - both raw materials and finished goods - regardless of size and location.


We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of household logistics and guarantee on-time deliveries.


Nowadays technology plays a fundamental role in any company. We offer a serious service with total reliability for this strategic industry.


The origin of products destined for an end customer requires logistics capable of always arriving on time. We work with these parameters.


Industrial production sectors require precise logistics due to their dependence on raw materials. Maximum efficiency and speed.

Toy store

As experts in international logistics, we can guide you in your export or import operations for this unique industry.

Environmentally friendly logistics

Our philosophy is linked to respect for the environment. We provide transport that is aware of the need to reduce polluting emissions. Our objective is to offer CO2 free services by 2030-2035.

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